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Who We Are

EXPERIENCE: We’ve been in this industry for many years. Our quest for the best products, and dissatisfaction with other products on the market is what led us to install only the V-8 High Performance Floors Product Line. We wanted floor coatings and a concrete polishing system that were versatile, simple for our crews to use, would lower inventory costs, be installed quickly, and gave our customers durable long lasting floors that met their needs. After installing these systems in many demanding environments, we realized we had something unique.

KNOWLEDGE: What comes along with us being a top floor coating and concrete polishing contractor in Northeast Ohio is a wealth of knowledge. Our crews install all of our products every single day. We have seen many different scenarios in our years of working in commercial, industrial, and educational markets and we can pass along our experiences and advice to you. Cleveland Floor Coatings Co. uses our products internally, and they have proven themselves time and time again. We are always looking for new better solutions, and by having crews in the field we are able to try and test many different new things in real world environments.